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Full Production Listing

Here are our productions back to November 1947


3 to 11 Nov The Proposal and The Bear by Anton Chekhov - translated by Stephen Mulrine Elaine Larkin
6 to 14 Oct You by Mark Wilson Emmie Spencer
21 to 29 Jul NSFW by Lucy Kirkwood Kirsty Elmer
16 to 24 Jun The Goat or Who is Sylvia by Edward Albee Martin Malone
19 to 27 May Suddenly Last Summer by Tennessee Williams Rod Lewis
21 to 29 Apr Pyrenees by David Greig Sandie Armstrong
17 to 25 Mar Beginning by David Eldridge Richard Lindfield
17 to 25 Feb Not Talking by Mike Bartlett Jerry Lyne
20 to 28 Jan Farragut North by Beau Willimon Steven O'Shea
9 to 17 Dec It's A Wonderful Life - adapted by Joe Landry Gerry McCrudden
4 to 12 Nov The York Realist by Peter Gill Claire Lewis
7 to 15 Oct Short Plays 2022 Various
15 to 23 Jul Communicating Doors by Alan Ayckbourn Ian Black
17 to 25 Jun Turpin by Barry Purchese Mark Lester
27 May to 4 Jun Consent by Nina Raine Scott Roberts
13 to 21 May Cock by Mike Bartlett Richard Lindfield
22 to 30 Apr Hangmen by Martin McDonagh Pat Boxall
18 to 26 Mar Unsanctioned | Measure 2 Measure by Sam Chittenden Sam Chittenden
18 to 26 Feb The Herd by Rory Kinnear Charly Sommers
21 to 29 Jan The Lieutenant of Inishmore by Martin McDonagh Steven O'Shea
10 to 18 Dec Bag Lady's Christmas Present by Sarah Davies Sarah Davies
1 to 9 Oct Di and Viv and Rose by Amelia Bullmore Claire Lewis
23 to 31 July Miss Julie by August Strindberg Mark Lester
18 to 26 June Lemons, Lemons, Lemons, Lemons, Lemons by Sam Steiner Cata Lindegaard
22 & 23 May Bag Lady by Sarah Davies Sarah Davies
12 to 16 Jan Arthur and Esther by Ross Howard Jerry Lyne
Oct & Nov 20 New Venture Virtual Theatre - Filmed Monologues by members  
13 to 15 March Quartet by Ronald Harwood Richard Lindfield
14 to 22 Feb Talk by Mark Wilson Mark Wilson
17 to 25 Jan The Winterling by Jez Butterworth Steven O'Shea
 5 to 14 Dec Great Expectations adapted from Charles Dickens by Neil Bartlett Diane Robinson
 1 to 9 Nov Fen by Caryl Churchill Ian Amos
 4 to 12 Oct Gabriel by Moira Buffini Gerry McCrudden
19 to 27 July Short Play Festival 2019  
14 to 22 June Elephant's Graveyard by George Brant David Eaton
17 to 25 May Hysteria by Terry Johnson Bob Ryder
12 to 20 April Pickwick and Weller by Barry Purchese (& Charles Dickens!) Rod Lewis
29 March Charmless! - NVYT Production Chelsea Mountney
15 to 23 March The Father by Florian Zeller Mary Allen
15 to 23 Feb The Language Archive by Julia Cho Sam Chittenden
18 to 26 Jan Laundry and Bourbon & Lone Star by James McLure Mark Lester
 30 Nov to 8 Dec Be My Baby by Amanda Whittington Jerry Lyne
 2 to 10 Nov Orphans by Dennis Kelly Charly Sommers
 5 to 13 Oct Happy Now? by Lucinda Coxon Claire Lewis
 20 to 28 Jul Lovesong by Abi Morgan Kirsty Elmer
 15 to 23 Jun Jumpy by April de Angelis Diane Robinson
 1 & 2 Jun Elephant's Graveyard by George Brant (Rehearsed Reading) David Eaton
11 to 19 May 1984 by George Orwell Nick Richards
6 to 10 Apr Anniversary April  
16 to 24 Mar Bad Jews by Joshua Harmon Bob Ryder
16 to 24 Feb Our Lady of Sligo by Sebastian Barry Mark Wilson
19 to 27 Jan True West by Sam Shephard Steven O'Shea
7 to 16 Dec The Messiah by Patrick Barlow Rod Lewis
10 to 18 Nov Anna Christie by Eugene O'Neill Jerry Lyne
3 Nov Fri-Up Comedy Night  
6 to 14 Oct Antigone by Sophokles Sam Chittenden
9 & 10 Sep Heritage Open Weekend  
21 to 29 Jul Short Play Festival  
16 to 24 Jun Proof by David Auburn Claire Lewis
17 to 27 May Lulu by Frank Wedekind Scott Roberts
 21 to 29 Apr Hughie by Eugene O'Neill / The Real Inspector Hound by Tom Stoppard Dan Walker / Mary Allen
 31 Mar & 1 Apr Blood Lies & Teen Twister NVYT
 17 to 25 Mar The Deep Blue Sea by Terence Rattigan Pat Boxall
 17 to 25 Feb Blood Wedding by Frederico Lorca Chris Dangerfield
  20 to 28 Jan The Homecoming by Harold Pinter Steven O'Shea
 31 Dec-1 Jan 2016: A Tribute  
 16 & 17 Dec Fannytasticals  
 1 to 10 Dec Dick Barton & the Tango of Terror by Phil Willmott Gerry McCrudden
 4 to 12 Nov The Clean House by Sarah Ruhl Sam Chittenden
 7 to 15 Oct Holes by Tom Basden Nick Richards
 10 to 11 Sept Heritage Open Day Alex Epps
 15 to 23 July Love and Information by Caryl Churchill Kirsty Elmer
 18 to 25 June Accidental Death of an Anarchist by Dario Fo (Adptd by Gavin Richards) Rod Lewis
 13 to 21 May Broken Glass by Arthur Miller Jerry Lyne
23 April Shakespeare's Wake  
 8 to 16 April How many Miles to Babylon? by Jennifer Johnston (Adptd by Alan Stanford) Gerry McCrudden
18 & 19 March Our Sons as well; WW1; - Poetry and Prose Tamsin Mastoris
11 & 12 March Mort by Terry Practchett (Performed Reading) Dan Walker
26 Feb to 5 Mar Women of Troy by Euripedes (Nick Hern version) Ella Thompson
15 to 23 Jan Loot by Joe Orton Steven O’Shea
4 to 12 Dec Christmas Carol - Adapted by Sarah Davies from Dickens Sarah Davies
6 to 14 Nov Reasons to be Pretty by Neil La Butte Tim McQuillen-Wright
2 to 10 Oct The Miser by Moliere Steven Adams
17 to 25 July 10 Minute Play Competition Various Directors
19 to 27 June The Arsonists by Max Frish Sam Chittenden
15 to 30 May Parlour Song by Jez Butterworth Claire Lewis
24 Apr to 2 May The Thrill of Love by Amanda Whittington Pat Boxall
3 & 4 Apr Richard III (Performed Reading) By William Shakespeare Scott Roberts 
20 to 28 March Benefactors by Michael Frayn Tess Gill
20 to 28 Feb

Shaffer Double Bill – Private Ear /  Black Comedy

Dan Walker / Ian Black
14 to 24 Jan Hamlet by William Shakespeare Steven O Shea
5 to 11 Dec The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson - adapted by Andrew Allen Andrew Allen
11 Oct to 8 Nov Hay Fever by Noel Coward Gerry McCrudden
3 to 11 Oct  Amongst Barbarians by Michael Wall Sean Lippett-Fall
 18 to 26 July Decade by various playwrights Kirsty Elmer
 20 to 28 June The Herbal Bed by Peter Whelan Tamsin Fraser
 23 to 31 May Not About Heroes by Stephen MacDonald Jerry Lyne
2 to 17 May Hedwig and the Angry Inch by James Cameron Mitchell Frank Leon
21 to 29 March

The End of the Beginning by Sean O’Casey  (1st Production in the refurbished Theatre Upstairs)

Rod Lewis

21 Feb to 1 Mar The Winslow Boy by Terence Rattigan Gerry McCrudden
17 to 25 Jan Old Times by Harold Pinter Steven O’Shea
20 & 21 Dec Christmas Improv  
6 to 14 Dec 10 Minute Play Competition Various
1 to 9  Nov God of Carnage by Yasmina Reza Ulrike Schilling
4 to 12 Oct Double Bill - Seagulls and Hearts Desire by Caryl Churchill Felicity Clements & Ian Black
20 to 27 July The Building Devised by Sarah Davies
22 to 29 June Double Bill - The Lover & Celebration by Harold Pinter Kevin Moore & Tim McQuillen Wright
28 May to 1 Jun A Beginning, A Muddle and An End Improvisation by  Andrew Allen
5 May Frogmore Poets 30th Birthday  
4 to 18  May No Exit by Jean Paul Sartre Louise Gregory
11 to 12 April Underneath the Lintel by Glen Berger D James Newton
30 Mar to 6 Apr Boston Marriage by David Mamet Jerry Lyne
23 Feb to 2 Mar How to Disappear Completely and Never be Found by Fin Kennedy Ian Black
19 to 26 Jan Double Bill - Far Away & Seven Jewish Children by Caryl Churchill Tamsin Fraser / Strat Mastoris
6 to 9 Dec Hansel and Gretel by Helen Nelder Helen Nelder
9 to 17 Nov The Price by Arthur Miller Rod Lewis
19 to 20 Oct Three Kinds of Me by Sarah Charsley Andrew Allen
6 to 13 Oct Biloxi Blues by Neil Simon Gerry McCrudden
14 to 21 July 10 Minute Play Competition Various
16 to 23 June  Medea by Euripedes - translated byTom Paulin Andrew Allen
25 to 26 May  Once upon a time in Brighton Devised by Sarah Charsley
5 to 19 May  A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams Mark Wilson
31 Mar to 7 April  The Rise and Fall of Little Voice by Jim Cartwright Pat Boxall
16 Mar  Wizzle and Mince - (Jim Cartwright) Ollie Donovan
18 to 25 Feb  The Permanent Way by David Hare Kirsty Elmer
21 to 28 Jan  Kvetch by Steven Berkoff Steven O’Shea
6 Jan  Beginnings and Resolutions  
 10 to 17 Dec Talking Dog Devised by Sarah Davies 
19 to 26 Nov Iron by Rona Munro Jerry Lyne
4 Nov NVT Titter  
22 to 29 Oct Love Letters by AR Gurney Strat Mastoris
1 to 8 Oct The Servant by Robin Maugham Ken Potter
27 to 29 July Connection Unsecure:  Continue? Devised by Izzy MacKenzie & Mark Wilson
16 to 23 July Woman in Mind by Alan Ayckbourn Pat Boxall
24 to 25 June Crimes Against Humanities Teachers Andy Thomas
25 to 30 May Four Play by Andrew Allen Andrew Allen
7 to 21 May All my Sons by Arthur Miller James Newton
7 to 29 May Artists Open House  
26 Mar to 2 Apr

Double Bill – Fake by Michael Graney & Lie with Me by Steve Coulson

Arwen Williams & Steve Coulson / Uli Schilling

5 to 12 Mar The Well by Jonathan Brown Jonathan Brown
11 Feb Love’s Labour’s Lost - Short Fiction  
22 to 29 Jan Speed the Plow by David Mamet Steven O’Shea
4 to 11 Dec The Steamie by Tim Roper Leanne McKenzie
19 Nov Into the Dark – Short Story Reading  
6 to 13 Nov Gaby Goes Global by Judy Upton Ian Black
22 Oct Poetry South East  
15 Oct NVT Titter2  
2 to 9 Oct Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck Tim McQuillen Wright
23 July Being Julie Jepson  
19 to 26 June A View From the Bridge by Arthur Miller Mark Wilson
5 Jun Finishing The Picture - Charlotte Pugh  
23 May Miller Retrospective Ollie Donovan
13 to 22 May End Game by Samuel Beckett Mark Green
1 to 30 May Artists Open House  
30 Apr to 8 May Icarus Devised by Uli Schilling
27 Mar to 3 Apr Breaking the Code by Hugh Whitemore Suzie Dole
5 Mar NVT Titter - Comedy Night  
20 to 27 Feb Dancing at Lughnasa by Brian Friel Gerry McCrudden
5 Feb From The Heart  - Valentines Short Stories  
29 Jan Frogmore Poets  
16 to 23 Jan

The Ugly One by Marius von Mayenburg & Your Face Your Fortune

Mike Stubbs, Tamar Daly & Sara Popova
5 to 12 Dec The Lying Kind by Anthony Neilson Ian Black
7 to 14 Nov Bold Girls by Rona Munro Jerry Lyne
10 to 17 Oct Art by Yasmina Reza Tim McQuillen Wright
4 to 6 Sept Intimate Encounters Devised by Uli Schilling
8 to 11 July Mlle Y Tamar Daly & Mike Stubbs
20 to 27 Jun

Double Bill – The Maids & Deathwatch by Jean Genet

Strat Mastoris

19 to 14 May

Double Bill – The Real Inspector Hound & After Magritte by Tom Stoppard

Mark Wilson & Martin Nicholls

2 to 16 May Festen by David Eldridge Pat Boxall
28 Mar to  4 Apr Beauty Within Devised by Uli Schilling
21 to 28 Feb Five kinds of Silence by Shelagh Stephenson Kirsty Harbon
27 to 28 Jan Being Frank by Calolm MacGregor Calolm MacGregor
23 to 24 Jan

Double Bill – The Therapists & The Therapists Strike Back by Andy Thomas

Andy Thomas


13 to 21 Dec It’s a Wonderful Life - adapted by Gerry McCrudden Gerry McCrudden & Mike Stubbs
2 to 6 Dec The Man who was Hamlet

Vital Theatre Company

22 to 29 Nov True West by Sam Shepard Calolm Mac Gregor
25 Oct to 1 Nov What all the Rabbits are Doing by Zoe Hinks Sabotage Theatre Co
19 to 26 Jul Three Tall Women by Edward Albee Ian Black
21 to 28 Jun The Anniversary by Bill Mc Illwrath Jerry Lyne
20 to 25 May Intimate Encounters Devised Uli Schilling
3 to 17 May Mojo by Jez Butterworth Frank McCabe
26 Mar to 5 Apr Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen Helen Caton
21 to 23 Feb Frankie says Laugh - Improvisation  
26 Jan to 2 Feb Strangers on a Train by Craig Warner Pat Boxall
15 to 22 Dec Plays for Coarse Actors by Michael Green Brandon McGuire
10 to 17 Nov

Double Bill - Shakers by John Godber & Jane Thornton & Bouncers by John Godber

Louise Gregory & Mark Green

 29 Sep to 6 Oct A Number by Caryl Churchill  Strat Mastoris
 21 to 28 July Our Country’s Good by T. Wertenbaker  Mark Wilson
 23 to 30 June Splendour by Abi Morgan  John Norris
 22 to 27 May American Buffalo by David Mamet  James Newton
5 to 19 May Richard III by William Shakespeare Martin Nichols
24 to 31 Mar

Double Bill – The Interview  & Agape’s Excess by Robert Hamilton

Helen Caton & Susan Moss

 17 to 24 Feb Bone by John Donnelly  Anita Sullivan
 20 to 27 Jan Dinner by Moira Buffini  Carl Boardman
 2 to 9 Dec Outlying Islands by David Greig  Nicholas Richards
 11 Nov Sunny Days  by Peter Poole - (rehearsed reading)  Susan Moss
 4 Nov A Rational Death by Gareth Buckell - (rehearsed reading)  Strat Mastoris
 28 Oct Being Frank by Calolm MacGregor - (rehearsed reading)  Nicholas Richards
 14 to 21 Oct The Memory of Water by Shelagh Stephenson  Alex McQuillen Wright
 8 & 9 Sep The Breeze and I  
 22 to 29 July

Double Bill – Still Life by Noel Coward & Between Mouthfuls by Alan Ayckbourn

Alex McQuillen Wright / Chris Nunn

 22  to 24 June Short Plays by Richard Allden & various  
 23 to 28 May The Therapists by Andy Thomas  Andy Thomas
 6 to 20 May A Midsummer Night’s Dream  by William Shakespeare  Carl Boardman
 8 to 15 April The Beauty Queen of Leenane by Martin McDonagh  Pat Boxall
 18 to 25 Mar Grimm Tales by Carol Ann Duffy  ( Adapt by Tim Supple) - Youth Theatre  Nick Beeby
25 Feb to  4 Mar Blue Remembered Hills  by Dennis Potter Cheryl Brown

21 Jan to  4 Feb

Through the Wormhole by Eleanor Gamper Nik Hedges
8 to 10 Dec Dream Play Dreams Leap Company
22 Nov The Alchemist by Danny Bradshaw  
12 to 19 Nov Cosi by Louis Nowra Jet Tattersall
16 to 23 July Amadeus by Peter Shaffer Mark Wilson
4 June Derek Mason Tribute Evening  
3 June The Therapists by Andy Thomas - Rehearsed Reading Andy Thomas
17 to 22 May

The Weir by Conor McPherson - (last production in the Theatre Upstairs before refurbishment)

Pat Boxall

30 Apr to 14 May Hard Times by Charles Dickens - adapted by Frank McCabe Martin Nichols
5 to 9 April Thin Walls by Anita Sullivan Anita Sullivan
10 to 13 Mar ‘17’ by Michael Gow - (Youth Theatre Production) Nick Beeby
19 to 26 Feb The Prisoner of Second Avenue by Neil Simon Alex Epps
4 Feb ILL Duce by Mike Graney Mike Graney
22 to 29 Jan The Duchess of Malfi by John Webster Nik Hedges
11 to 18 Dec Another Country by Julian Mitchell Laura Bennett
13 to 20 Nov What I just Shot by Helen Nelder Helen Nelder
30 to 31 Oct She left her hat on the table by David Mowatt Paola Dionisotti
16 to 23 Oct Dealing with Clair by Martin Crimp Karl Rhys
18 to 25 Sept Copenhagen by Michael Frayn Carl Boardman
17 to 24 July The Birthday Party by Harold Pinter Pat Boxall
29 Jun to 3 July Jump by David Allen David Allen
18 to 29 May Talk by Mark Wilson - (Sweetspot) Emma Kilbey
1 to 15 May The Crucible by Arthur Miller Mark Wilson
27 Mar to 3 Apr The Good Woman of Setzuan by Bertold Brecht - Youth Theatre Nick Beeby
6 to 20 Mar Antony and Cleopatra by William Shakespeare Martin Nichols
14 to 21 Feb The Night Heron by Jez Butterworth J P Calderwood / Andy Costello
17 to 31 Jan The Last Resort by Eleanor Gamper & Nik Hedges Eleanor Gamper & Nik Hedges
9 to 13 Dec Beyond Therapy by Christoper Duvary Vicky Neath
28 to 29 Nov Hotbed / Acting Class Showcase  
15 to 22 Nov Fool for Love by Sam Shephard Jerry Lyne
21 to 25 Oct Freakshow by Anita Sullivan Anita Sullivan
27 Sep to 4 Oct Not about Heroes by Stephen Macdonald Alex Epps
19 to 20 Sept The Death of Nelson by Robert Cohen Emma Gustafsson
26 Jul to 2 Aug Just Whores by Anita Sullivan Anita Sullivan
28 Jun to 5 Jul Confusions by Alan Ayckbourn - Youth Theatre Hannah Price & Suzie Walker
7 to 14  Jun The House of Bernardo Alba by Frederico Garcia Lorca Martin Nichols
20 to 31 May On The Verge by Eric Overmyer Sweetspot Theatre
3 to 10 May Oleanna by David Mamet Pat Boxall
8 to 15 March Macbeth by William Shakespeare Mark Wilson
8 to 15 Feb Making Noises Quietly by Robert Holman Hannah Price
18 to 25 Jan The Last Yankee by Arthur Miller Martin Nichols
3 to 6 Dec Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer Varndean School Production
16 to 30 Nov The Fastest Clock in the Universe by Philip Ridley Sweetspot Production
2 to 9 Nov Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov Tony Scola
12 to 19 Oct W@rn by Helen Nelder Helen Nelder
21 to 28 Sept When I was a girl I used to Scream and Shout by Sharman MacDonald Tony Jaffe
27 July Scandals Toby Collins
15 Jul to 4 Aug Tape by Stephen Belber APE Production
6 to 13 July The Misanthrope by Moliere Martin Nichols
29 Jun The Lodger by Jenny Pulling Hotbed Production
18 to 22 June Hot Shorts Showcase Hotbed Production
7 to 8 June The Homecoming by Harold Pinter 1066 Theatre Company Production
13 to 19 May The American Clock by Arthur Miller Mark Wilson
6 to 19 May Blavatsky’s Tower by Moira Buffini Sweetspot Production
4 to 11 May After Juliet by Sharman MacDonald (Youth Theatre) Clare Polkey
26 to 27 April Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward Brighton College Production
20 April Designing Genes by Caroline Adams Hotbed Production
11 to 18 April The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams Carl Boardman
23 Feb to 2 Mar The Woman by Edward Bond Martin Nichols
9 Feb Frail Blood by Giles Cole Hotbed Production
12 Jan St Brendan’s Men by John O’Donaghue Hotbed Production
19 to 22 Dec Descent by Michael Graney Mike Graney & Mark Solomon
15 Dec The Unsuitable by Peter Poole Hotbed Production
4 to 8 Dec Blavatsky’s Tower by Moira Buffin Sweetspot Production
24 Nov to 1 Dec The Accrington Pals by Peter Whelan Tony Scola
17 Nov Fantail Doves by Eliza Wyatt Hotbed Production
3 Nov The Reckoning by Andrew Woodward Hotbed Production
20 to 27 Oct Silence & Limelight by Toby Collins (For Diana Beall) Toby Collins
6 Oct Houston, We Have a Problem by Malcolm Lowry Hotbed Production
2 to 3 Oct The Government Inspector by Gogol  
22 to 29 Sept Monumental by Anita Sullivan June Rowe
21 to 27 July La Gloria by Mark Wilson Martin Nichols & June Rowe
23 to 30 Jun Curtains by Stephen Bill Jean Francis
21 to 26 May The Woman Who Washed Her Knickers by Jenny Pulling & A Tale of Two Todgers by Brian Behan Martin Nicholls
14 to 19 May Dealers Choice by Patrick Marber Lisa Fulthorpe
5 to 12 May Kes by Lawrence Till (Youth Theatre) Clare Polkey
4 to 7 Apr Hot Shorts 3  
24 to 31 Mar Sexual Perversity in Chicago by David Mamet Mark Wilson
17 to 24 Feb Betrayal by Harold Pinter Jim Calderwood
20 to 27 Jan Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare Dermot Keaney
9 to 16 Dec The Talented Mr Ripley by Phyllis Nagy Karl Rhys
4 to 18 Nov Risk by Toby Collins Toby Collins
18 to 21 Oct Hot Shorts 2 Hotbed Production
12 to 19 Aug Cloud Nine by Caryl Churchill June Rowe
15 to 22 July Death of A Salesman by Arthur Miller Martin Nicholls
17 to 24 Jun W@rn by Helen Nelder Helen Nelder
22 to 27 May Just Whores by Anita Hickmore Anita Hickmore
15 to 20 May At the Inland Sea by Edward Bond Mark Wilson
6 to 12 May Love and Understanding by Joe Penhall Frank Swift
8 to 15 Apr A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen Dermot Keaney
March Ten Minute Plays  
March Hotshots  
16 to 17 Mar Old Tyme Music Hall Tony Jaffe
26 Feb to 4 Mar King Lear by William Shakespeare Martin Nicholls
22 to 29 Jan Assassins by Stephen Sondheim & John Weidman Toby Collins
15 to 18 Dec The Green Millennium (NVT Youth Theatre)  
20 to 27 Nov Water & The Lover  
11 to 18 Sept Just Whores by Anita Hickmore  
14 to 21 Aug The Chalk Garden by Enid Bagnold Jean Francis
17 to 24 July Still Let me Sleep by Robert Cohen Robert Cohen
19 to 22 June Easter by August Strindberg Reg Jinks
22 to 26 May Faith Healer by Brian Friel Martin Nichols
17 to 19 May Still Life by Sue Long Cindy Oswin
11 to 15 May Triple Bill - Actor, Harry’s Christmas, Dog by Steven Berkoff Jenny Knight
1 to 8 May All’s Well that ends well by William Shakespeare Frank Swift
20 to 27 Mar Bazaar And Rummage by Sue Townsend  
13 to 20 Feb Archangels Don’t play Pinball by Dario Fo  
16 to 23 Jan The Hour of the Lynx by Olov Enquist Dermot Keany
12 & 13 Dec Suitcase - Devised (Youth Group) N.Hoare & B Mackay Green
14 to 29 Nov Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens adapted by Frank Swift Martin Nichols
12 to 19 Sep Billy Bishop Goes to War by John Gray & Eric Peterson Katie Brownings
1 to 8 Aug The Changeling by Middleton & Rowley  
8 to 16 Aug My Mother Said I Never Should by Charlotte Keatley Jane Barraclough
20 to 27 Jun Social Climbers by Roger Hall Barry Hewlett-Davies and Jean Francis
12 to 16 May Decadence by Stephen Berkof  
2 to 9 May Festival Comedians by Trevor Griffiths  
21 to 28 Mar A Woman of no Importance by Oscar Wilde  
7 to 14 Feb Orphans by Lyle Kessler  
13 to 20 Dec What the Butler saw by Joe Orton  
1 to 8 Nov Progress by Doug Lucie Frank Swift
13 to 20 Sep After the Fall by Arthur Miller Martin Nicholls
2 to 8 Aug Bouncers by John Godber  (our first Midnight matinee due to audience demand) Katie Brownings
21 to 28 Jun Ladies in Retirement by E.Percy & R Denham Jean Francis
3 to 11 May Festival Week; Hamlet by Shakespeare & Moscow Stations by S. Mulrine Martin Nicholls
15 to 22 Mar I Thought I Heard a Rustling by Alan Plater Barry Hewlett-Davies
1 to 8 Feb Steel Magnolias by Robert Harding Tony Brownings & Pat Boxall
7 to 21 Dec The Winter’s Tale by Shakespeare Martin Nicholls, Frank Swift,Jane Barraclough
7 to 14 Sep True Faith by Frank Swift Frank Swift
3 to 10 Aug Round and Round the Garden by Alan Ayckbourn  
23 to 29 Jun Death and the Maiden by Ariel Dorfman  
May Approaching Darkness by Chris Maguire Chris Maguire
30 Mar to 6 Apr The Cemetery Club by Ivan Menchell Martin Nicholls
24 Feb to 2 Mar Accidental Death of an Anarchist by Dario Fo Richard Mc Kendrick
20 to 27 Jan Talking Heads by Alan Bennett (Amateur Premiere) Barry Hewlett-Davies
 9 to 23 Dec  Twelfth Night by Shakespeare  Chris Maguire
21 to 28 Oct Nasty Neighbours by Debbie Isitt Tony Brownings
9 to 16 Sep Dancing at Lughnasa by Brian Friel Pat Boxall
5 to 12 Aug Arms and the Man by Bernard Shaw Dennis Evans
24 Jun to 1 Jul Playing Sinatra by Bernard Kops Martin Nichols
6 to 20 May Then he kissed me by Philip Goulding Tony Loveless
18 to 25 Mar The Ride down Mount Morgan by Arthur Miller Reg Jinks and Barry Hewlett-Davies
11 to 18 Feb Old Times by Harold Pinter  
7 to 14 Jan Les Liasions Dangereuses by Christopher Hampton Richard McKendrick
15 to 18 Dec A Christmas Anthology  
3 to 10 Dec Barefoot in the Park by Neil Simon Pat Boxall
22 to 29 Oct Best of Friends by Hugh Whitmore Dennis Evans & Tony Loveless
24 Sep to 1 Oct Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward Ron Newman, Tony Brownings, Pat Boxall
6 to 13 Aug Salt of the Earth by John Godber Dennis Evans
25 Jun to 2 Jul Prin by Andrew Davies Pat Boxall
24 to 29 May Two Way Mirror by Arthur Miller  
7 to 14 May The Magic Man by Michael Law  
19 to 26 Mar The Rivals by RB Sheridan Reg Jinks
12 to 19 Feb The Business of Murder by Richard Harris  
8 to 15 Jan The Black Prince by Iris Murdoch Harry Atkinson
27 Nov to 4 Dec The Aspern Papers by Henry James Ron Newman
16 to 23 Oct Shakespeare Country by Peter Whelan Nigel Sharpe
11 to 18 Sep Rattle of a Simple Man by Charles Dyer Robin Catling
7 to 14 Aug Henceforward by Alan Ayckbourn Thomas Everchild
19 to 26 Jun Duet for One by Tom Kempinski Ron Newman
8 to 15 May A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare Chris Maguire
3 to 10 Apr Lettice and Lovage by Peter Shaffer Reg Jinks
27 Feb to 6 Mar Temptation by Vaclav Havel Dennis Evans
23 to 30 Jan Dial ‘M’ for Murder by Frederick Knott Nigel Sharpe
5 to 12 Dec Harvey by Mary Chase Tony Brownings
24 to 31 Oct Metamorphosis by Steven Berkoff (also taken to Prague) Pat Boxall
12 to 19 Sep Ghosts by Henrik Ibsen Robin Potter
2 to 8 Aug One for the Road by Willy Russell  
21 to 27 Jun Therese Raquin by Emile Zola (L Sands) Dennis Evans
7 to 16 May Dr. Faustus by Christopher Marlowe Reg Jinks & Chris Maguire
5 to 11 Apr Bed by Jim Cartwright Pat Boxall
1 to 7 Mar Turcaret by Alain Rene Lesage Nigel Sharpe
19 to 25 Jan The Deep Blue Sea by Terence Rattigan Ron Newman
8 to 14 Dec Daisy Pulls it Off by Denise Deegan Tony Brownings
20 to 26 Oct Happy Families by John Godber Pat Boxall
8 to 14 Sep The Kingfisher by W. Douglas Home Barrie Syder
4 to 10 Aug Blue Remembered Hills by Dennis Potter Nigel Sharpe
30 Jun to 6 Jul Butterflies are Free by Leonard Gershe  
19 to 25 May Our Town by Thornton Wilder Sheelagh Baker
14 to 20 Apr Treats by Christopher Hampton Pat Boxall
3 to 9 Mar Gimme Shelter by Barrie Keefe Nicholas Quirke & Barry Syder
20 to 26 Jan Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare John Wilkinson
9 to 15 Dec The Haunted Through Lounge and Recessed Dining Nook at Farndale Castle by McGillivray & Zerlin Tony Brownings
28 Oct to 3 Nov A Scent of Flowers by James Saunders Hamilton Wilson
9 to 15 Sep The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams Ron Newman
5 to 11 Aug The Father by Strindberg/Osborne Reg Jinks
1 to 7 Jul Mary Barnes by David Edgar John Wilkinson
27 May to 2 Jun Holyoake by John Norman Nigel Sharpe
22 to 28 Apr Waters of the Moon by N C Hunter Beryl Passmore
11 to 17 Mar One of Us by Robin Chapman Derek Mason
21 to 27 Jan Time and Again by Alan Ayckbourn Pat Boxall
10 to16 Dec  Charley’s Aunt by Brandon Thomas  Anthony J Brownings
 22 to 28 Oct  Equus by Peter Shaffer  J. Wilkinson
 17 to 23 Sept  Once a Catholic by Mary O’Malley  
 6 to 12 Aug Say goodnight to Grandma by Colin Welland  
 9 to 15 July  The Golden Pathway Annual by John Harding & John Burrows  Nigel Sharpe
 11 to 17 June   Curtains by Stephen Bill  
 14 to 20 May  Road by Jim Cartright  Tony Brownings
 16 to 22 April  A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller  Ronald Newman
 5 to 11 Mar  Laugh? I nearly went to Miami by Miles Tredinnick  
 22 to 28 Jan  Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead by Tom Stoppard  John Wilkinson
 11 to 17 Dec  Confusions by Alan Ayckbourn  
13 to 19 Nov Macbeth by William Shakespeare Pat Boxall
9 to 15 Oct Shakers by John Godber Kate Brownings
11 to 17 Sep Veronica’s Room by Ira Levin  
7 to 13 Aug Breaking the Silence by Steven Poliakoff  
17 to 23 July Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer ( P.Woods) Nigel Sharpe
26 Jun to 2 Jul The Gingerbread Lady by Neil Simon Ian Middleton
15 to 21 May Before Dawn & The Browning Version by Terence Rattigan Tony Loveless
3 to 9 Apr The Farndale Ave Housing Estate Townswomens Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery by McGillivray & Zerlin John Wilkinson
13 to 19 Mar The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui by Bertolt Brecht Richard McKendrick
21 to 27 Feb When the Wind Blows by Raymond Briggs Reg Jinks
10 to 16 Jan Lion in Winter by Ronald Newman  
13 to 19 Dec  Christmas Bells by A Festive Tapestry  Derek Mason
15 to 22 Nov Children of a Lesser God by Mark Medoff Tony Brownings
27 Sep to 3 Oct Present Laughter by Noel Coward Tony Loveless
9 to 15 Aug Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen Reg Jinks
28 Jun to 4 July The Understanding by Angela Huth Ian Middleton
17 to 23 May The Mating Game by Robin Hawdon  
5 to 11 April Pack of Lies by Hugh Whitemore Reg Jinks
8 to 14 Mar West by Stephen Berkoff Nigel Sharpe
15 to 21 Feb Agnes of God by John Pielmeier Tony Loveless
11 to 17 Jan As you Like It by William Shakespeare Derek Mason
 23 to 29 Nov  Wait until Dark by Frederick Knott  
19 to 25 Oct Masterpieces by Sarah Daniels Pat Boxall
21 to 27 Sept The Sunshine Boys by Neil Simon  
10 to 16 Aug Stevie by Hugh Whitemore Reg Jinks
6 to 12 July The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde Vincent Worth
25 to 31 May Same time next year by Bernard Slade  
9 to 11 May NVT Review  
20 to 26 April Dead Ringer by Charles Ross  
9 to 15 Mar A Bedfull of Foreigners by Dave Freeman  
26 Jan to 1 Feb Brimstone and Treacle by Dennis Potter Tony Brownings
15 to 21 Dec On Golden Pond by Ernest Thompson Tony Loveless
3 to 10 Nov The Accrington Pals by Peter Whelan Ian Middleton
22 to 28 Sept The Dresser by Ronald Harwood Nigel Sharpe
13 to 18 Aug Dangerous Corner by J B Priestley Ian Middleton
9 to 14 July Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime by Constance Cox Tony Loveless
28 May to 2 Jun Betrayal by Harold Pinter  
16 to 21 Apr Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier Ronald Newman
5 to 10 Mar Happy Family by Giles Cooper  
29 Jan to 3 Feb A Delicate Balance by Edward Albee Tony Loveless
18 to 23 Dec Not now Darling by Ray Cooney & John Chapman Nigel Sharpe
6 to 11 Nov Rose by Andrew Davies Jean Francis
2 to 7 Oct Educating Rita by Willy Russell John Griffiths
21 to 26 Aug Joking Apart to Alan Ayckbourn Tony Loveless
17 to 22 Jul The Gentle Hook by Francis Durbridge  
12 to 17 Jun When we are Married by J B Priestley John Griffiths
1 to 6 May Whose Life is it Anyway by Brian Clark Derek Mason
27 Mar to 1 Apr Big Bad Mouse by P King & F Cary Reg Jinks
21 to 26 Feb The Caretaker by Harold Pinter Ian Middleton
17 to 22 Jan The Entertainer by John Osborne Tony Brownings
16 to 18 Dec Christmas Anthology  
29 Nov to 4 Dec Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller Tony Brownings
11 to 16 Oct Boeing Boeing by Marc Camolletti & Beverly Cross Tony Loveless
23 to 28 Aug Hay Fever by Noel Coward Nigel Sharpe
19 to 24 Jul Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf by Edward Albee Tony Loveless
14 to 19 Jun The House by the Lake by Hugh Mills Tony Allen
10 to 15 May Home by David Storey  
5 to 10 Apr Spring at Marino by Constance Cox Reg Jinks
1 to 6 Mar Notes on a Love Affair by Frank Marcus Derek Mason
18 to 23 Jan Arsenic & Old Lace by Joseph Kesselring Tony Brownings
17 to 19 Dec A Christmas Anthology Derek Mason
30 Nov to 5 Dec Six for the Charleston by Barry H Hillman Ian Middleton
19 to 24 Oct Suddenly at Home by Francis Durbridge Ian Middleton
14 to 19 Sep Bedroom Farce by Alan Ayckbourn Ronald Newman
10 to 15 Aug A Man about the House by John Perry Tony Loveless
29 Jun to 4 Jul A Man for all Seasons by Robert Bolt Tony Loveless
11 to 16 May Clouds by Michael Frayn Ian Middleton
16 to 18 Apr L’Amante Anglais by Marguerite Duras Barry Leahy
23 to 28 Mar Shut your Eyes and Think of England by J Chapman & A Marriott Tony Brownings
2 to 7 Feb Rain by J Colton & C Randolph Derek Mason
8 to 10 Jan Sound and Vision (a Revue) Peter Meekings
15 to 20 Dec The passing of the Third floor back by Jerome K Jerome Barry Leahy
3 to 8 Nov Look back in Anger by John Osborne Tony Allen
22 to 27 Sep Filumena by Eduardo de Filippo Ronald Newman
11 to 16 Aug The Birthday Party by Harold Pinter Ian Middleton
17 to 19 Jul In praise of Love by Terence Rattigan Tony Loveless
23 to 28 Jun Ten Times Table by Alan Ayckbourn Eileen Miller & Tony Allen
5 to 10 May Shock by Brian Clemens Tony Allen
17 to 22 Mar And so to bed by J B Fagan Rosalind Smith
3 to 8 Feb And a little love besides by Alan Plater Derek Mason
16 to 18 Jan Abigail’s Party by Mike Leigh Roz Smith
16 to 21 Dec A Christmas Carol by Dickens Granville Williams
11 to 16 Nov The Family Reunion by T S Eliot Barry Leahy
30 Sep to 5 Oct Move over Mrs Markham by Ray Cooney & John Chapman Tony Loveless
19 to 24 Aug Noah by Andre Obey  
8 to 13 Jul The Disorderly Women by John Bowen Derek Mason
27 May to 1 Jun The Edge of darkness by Brian Clemens Ronald Newman
25 to 27 Apr Tearoom with a fan by Jerome Piercy Jerome Piercy
8 to 13 Apr The Bells of Hel by John Mortimer Sheelagh Baker
19 to 24 Feb Alphabetical Order by Michael Frayn Rosalind Smith
11 to 13 Jan Village Wooing by GS Shaw & La Musica Marguerite Duras
18 to 23 Dec A Christmas Anthology  
13 to 18 Nov The Engagement by Fred Partridge Derek Mason
25 to 30 Sep On Monday Next by Philip King Jerome Piercy
7 to 12 Aug Mr Kettle and Mrs Moon by J B Priestley Derek Mason
13 to 15 Jul Images of Childhood - Anthology  
26 Jun to 1 Jun Rookery Nook by Ben Travers Roz Smith
1 to 3 Jun The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams Ron Newman
15 to 20 May Lloyd George knew my Father by W .Douglas Home Constance Cox
27 to 29 Apr Old Tyme Music Hall Granville Williams
3 to 8 Apr A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare Granville Williams
20 to 25 Feb Getting On by Alan Bennett Rosalind Smith
26 to 28 Jan Entertaining Mr Sloane by Joe Orton Granville Williams
8 to 14 Jan Virgin Blood by J Piercy & R Jones Jerome Piercy
15 to 17 Dec A Christmas Anthology Rosalind Smith
14 to 19 Nov The Lady’s not for Burning by Christopher Fry  
3 to 8 Oct Absent Friends by Alan Ayckbourn Eileen Miller
1 to 3 Sep The Musical Toadstool Show Brenda Mason
15 to 20 Aug Yellow Sands by E &A Philpots Rosalind Smith
27 Jun to 2 Jul Quality Street by JM Barrie Granville Williams
3 to 4 Jun World War 1 - An Anthology Barry Leahy
16 to 21 May Habeas Corpus by Alan Bennett Rosalind Smith
4 to 9 Apr Wings of the Dove by Christopher Taylor Brenda Mason
3 to 5 Mar Music Hall Granville Williams
14 to 19 Feb Robin Redbreast by John Bowen Derek Mason
3 to 8 Jan Spell of Virtue by CN Gattey & Z Bramley Moore  
16 to 18 Dec Christmas Anthology  
15 to 20 Nov The Restless Evil by Charlotte Hastings Roz Smith
22 Oct Photographic Evening  
4 to 9 Oct Lysistrata by Aristophenes Granville Williams
16 to 17 Sep Review 77 John Griffiths
16 to 21 Aug I have been here before by J B Priestley  
5 to 10 Jul The Crucible by Arthur Miller  
24 to 29 May The Real Inspector Hound by Tom Stoppard / Squat Betty by Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall Granville Williams & Roz Smith
12 to 17 Apr Gigi by Colette and Anita Loos Ronald Newman
22 to 27 Feb Dutch Uncle by Simon Gray Roz Smith
11 to 16 Jan The Tempest by William Shakespeare Granville Williams
16 to 21 Nov Night Watch by Lucille Fletcher  
28 Sep to 3 Oct The Ghost Train by Arnold Ridley Derek Mason
10 to 15 Aug Out of the Crocodile by Giles Cooper Roz Smith
4 to 9 May Come as you Are by John Mortimer Patricia Penney
15 to 22 Mar Son of Man by Dennis Potter Derek Mason
27 Jan to 2 Feb Killing of Sister George by Frank Marcus Patricia Penney
9 to 14 Dec Who Killed Santa Claus by Terence Feeley Ian Middleton
28 Oct to 2 Nov Dandy Dick by A.W. Pinero Derek Mason
2 to 7 Sep Butterflies are Free by Leonard Gershe  
29 Jul to 3 Aug I Have Five Daughters by Marg. McNamara Ian Middleton
10 to 15 Jun After My Fashion by Diana Morgan Ray Lacey
22 to 27 Apr Deep Water by A Graham Phillips Ronald Newman
4 to 9 Mar Double Bill - The Boy with a Cart by Christopher Fry / Overuled by GB Shaw Patricia Penny & Margaret Corbin
21 to 26 Jan  One Way Pendulum by N F Simpson  Granville Williams
3 to 8 Dec  The Sleeping Prince by Terence Rattigan  
22 to 27 Oct Shadow of the Gun by Maurice McLoughlin  
10 to 15 Sep The Eagle with Two Heads by Jean Cocteau  
16 to 21 Jul Patricia’s Seven Houses by Lajos Biro A Graham Phillips & Ian Middleton
4 to 9 June So Many Children by Gerald Savory Kay Alexander
23 to 28 April Badgers Green by R C Sherriff Granville Williams
5 to 10 Mar Mrs. Warren’s Profession by G B Shaw Granville Williams
22 to 27 Jan Summertime by Ugo Betti A Graham Phillips
4 to 9 Dec The Peacocks must Go by Dennis Driscoll A Graham Phillips
23 to 28 Oct The Tender Trap by Max Shulman & RP Smith Ronald Newman
11 to 16 Sep Mandragola by Niccolo Machiavelli Granville Williams
30 Jul to 5 Aug The Three Daughters of M. Dupont A Graham Phillips
18 to 24 Jun Chase me Comrade by Ray Cooney Ian Middleton
7 to 13 May Faithfully Yours by Sergio Pugliese A Graham Phillips
26 Mar to 1 Apr Duet for Two Hands by Mary Hayley Bell Ronald Newman
12 to 18 Feb The Cactus Garden by David Campton A Graham Phillips
8 to 14 Jan Anthony and Cleopatra by William Shakespeare A Graham Phillips
20 to 26 Nov  Murder for Asking by Derek Benfield Ian Middleton
9 to 15 Oct The Complaisant Lover by Graham Greene A Graham Phillips 
16 to 22 Aug Enter a Free Man by Tom Stoppard A Graham Phillips
5 to 11 Jul The Witch of Endor by Val Rieke A Graham Phillips
17 to 23 May Come Blow your Horn by Neil Simon Ronald Newman
8 to 13 May The Life and Death of Almost Everybody by David Campton A Graham Phillips
5 to 11 Apr Cupid Rampant by Percy Corry & A Phoenix Too Frequent by Ch. Fry Ian Middleton
16 to 22 Feb The Pillars of Society by Henrik Ibsen A Graham Phillips
29 Dec to 4 Jan My Three Angels by S and B Spewak Patricia Penney
17 to 23 Nov Mademoiselle  
29 Sep to 5 Oct Leave it to Dinah by Freddie Esbester  
11 to 17 Aug The Lion in Winter by James Goldman Ronald Newman
30 Jun to 6 Jul The Life I gave you by Luigi Pirandello A Graham Phillips
19 to 25 May The Anniversary by Bill MacIlwraith Ian Middleton
Mar to Apr Theatreview by A. Graham Phillips A. Graham Phillips
6 to 12 Jan Holy Isle by James Bridie A. Graham Phillips
December Christmas Anthology 1970 Patricia Penney & Derek Mason
11 to 17 Nov Man and Boy by Terence Rattigan Ronald Newman
September Cul de Sac by Olive Chase & Stanley Clayton A Graham Phillips
12 to 18 Aug The Odd Couple by Neil Simon Kay Alexander
24 to 30 Jun Love’s Labour’s Lost by William Shakespeare A Graham Phillips
6 to 12 May Waiting for Gillian by Ronald Millar Ronald Newman
18 to 24 Mar The Private Eye and the Public Ear by Peter Shaffer A Graham Phillips
23 Jan to 3 Feb Men without Shadows by Jean Paul Sartre Granville Williams
20 & 21 Dec A Christmas Anthology A Graham Phillips & Pat Penney
10 to 16 Dec Sauce for the Gander by Edward Barton A Graham Phillips
29 Oct to 4 Nov Book of the Month by Basil Thomas Ian Middleton
10 to 16 Sep Love in a Mist by Kenneth Horne  
23 to 29 Jul The Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov | The Killing of Sister George by Frank Marcus | Entertaining Mr Sloane by Joe Orton Kay Alexander & A Graham Phillips
4 to 10 Jun The Noble Spaniard by W Somerset Maugham A Graham Phillips
14 to 15 May The Hollow Crown by John Barton Derek Mason
23 Apr to10 May The Night of the Iguana by Tennessee Williams Granville Williams
5 to 11 Mar The Joyride by Georgina Reid A Graham Phillips
15 to 21 Jan Murder without Crime by J Lee Thompson Ian Middleton
27 Nov to 3 Dec The Verge by Susan Glaspell A Graham Philips
16 to 22 Oct I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith Ronald Newman
4 to 10 Sep Squaring the Circle by Valentine Kataev A Graham Phillips
24 to 30 Jul The Blue Goose by Peter Blackmore A Graham Phillips
12 to 18 Jun Montserrat by Emanuel Robles Ian Middleton
24 to 30 Apr Traveller Without Luggage by Jean Anouilh | Many Tongues in Trees | A day in the Death of Joe Egg by Peter Nichols A Graham Phillips & A Reading
13 to 19 Mar The Irregular Verb to Love by Hugh & Margaret Williams  
31 Jan to 6 Feb Rape of the Belt by Benn W Levy A Graham Phillips
13 to 19 Dec Death takes a Holiday by Alberto Casella Ronald Newman
1 to 7 Nov The Undersigned by Joan Brampton A Graham Phillips
20 to 26 Sep The Corn is Green by Emlyn Williams Granville Williams
10 to 15 Aug The Time of your Life by William Saroyan A Graham Phillips
23 to 27 Jun Candied Peel by Falkland L Cary  
4 to 9 May Joy by John Galsworthy A Graham Phillips
16 to 21 Mar Everything in the Garden by Giles Cooper A Graham Phillips
26 to 31 Jan Escapade by Roger MacDougall  
8 to 13 Dec The Two Gentlemen of Verona by William Shakespeare A Graham Phillips
27 Oct to 1 Nov The Living Room by Graham Greene  
15 to 20 Sep Out Goes He by O Chase & J Pierson A Graham Phillips
4 to 9 Aug Murder Mistaken by Janet Green Ian Middleton
23 to 28 Jun The Offshore Island by Marghanita Laski A Graham Phillips
12 to 17 May The Hawthorn Tree by Margaret Gibbs A Graham Phillips
31 Mar to 5 Apr A Man’s House by John Drinkwater  
17 to 22 Feb The Prisoner by Bridget Boland  
6 to 11 Jan Two Stars for Comfort by John Mortimer  
18 to 23 Nov Getting Married by Bernard Shaw  
7 to 12 Oct We’ll have Music by G Walsh & N Coton  
July The Pinedas Affair by Paolo Levi  
1 to 6 Apr The Big Knife by Clifford Odets | Disorder of the Bath by Osbert Mills | Letter from a General by Maurice McLachlin  
18 to 22 Feb King Henry V by William Shakespeare A Graham Phillips
January Fools Paradise by Peter Coke  
  Windmills in the Street by Neil Grant  
  Lord Arthur Saville’s Crime by Constance Cox  
  The Party by Jane Arden  
  The Government Inspector by Nikolai Gogol  
  Miss Mabel by R C Sherriff  
  A Touch of the Sun by N C Hunter  
  Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare  
January Charley’s Aunt by Brandon Thomas  
  Crime in Store by O Chase & S Clayton  
  Rollo by Marcel Achad  
  Chicago by J Barry Roach  
11 to 16 Jul A Shred of Evidence by R C Sherriff  
May The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare A Graham Phillips
  Object Matrimony by Joan Brampton  
  Object Matrimony by Joan Brampton  
10 to 16 Jan Flowering Cherry by Robert Bolt Kay Alexander
November The Seagull by Anton Chekhov A Graham Phillips
  The Happy Marriage by John Clements  
23 to 28 Aug Last in – First Out by John Leyin  
12 to 17 Jul A Priest in the Family by K Tunnery & J Synge  
  And no Birds Sing by J Laird & J Fernald  
  Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare  
March Triple Bill by Neil Grant A Graham Phillips
January Breath of Spring by Peter Coke  
November Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekov A Graham Phillips
October Lot’s Wife by Peter Blackmore  
24 to 29 Aug The Long Mirror by J B Priestley A Graham Phillips
July Mate in Three by L du Garde Peach Kay Alexander
May Double Jeopardy by O Chase & S Clayton  
April A Resounding Tinkle by NF Simpson | Liberation by N.Holland | The Proposal by Anton Chekhov A Graham Phillips
13 to 18 Apr Dusty Ermine by Neil Grant  
February Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare A Graham Phillips
January Hippo Dancing by Robert Morley  
27 Nov Cupids Antics by A Graham Phillips A Graham Phillips
10 Nov Blind Fury by Parnell Bradbury  
29 Sep Who Lies There? by Philip Johnson A Graham Phillips
August The Gaye Affair by J Barry Roach A Graham Phillips
9 Jun Exit Julian Herrick by Joan Brampton  
May The Beauty Makers by N B Lamont A Graham Phillips
  The Telescope by R C Sherriff A Graham Phillips
  The Man with a load of mischie by Ashley Dukes  
  The Rivals by RB Sheridan A Graham Phillips
  Misery Me by Dennis Cannan  
3 Sep The Well of the Saints by J M Synge A. Graham Phillips
23 Jul The Constant Wife by W. Somerset Maugham A. Graham Phillips
June The Golden Fleece by J B Priestley A. Graham Phillips
16 Apr Touch of Fear by Dorothy C. Christie Kay Alexander
27 Feb The Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen Ronald Newman
9 Jan Tomorrow’s Child by John Coates Ian Middleton
November The Burning Glass by Charles Morgan (This was the first production in the Main Theatre) A Graham Phillips
August Upstairs and Downstairs by Alison Mc Master  
1 to 3 May Crown Derby by Joan Brampton  
February Light of Heart by Emlyn Williams Ronald Newman
January The Dover Road by AA Milne  
October A Winter’s Tale by William Shakespeare A Graham Phillips
September The Evergreens by Margaret Gibbs  
August Deep Water by A Graham Phillips A Graham Phillips
June Judgement Day by Elmer Rice A Graham Phillips & Derek Mason
June He sits by the melting pot by Kaj Munk & Norman Ginsbury  
February She passed Through Lorraine by Lionel Hale  
November The Devil’s Plaything by Parnell Bradbury  
  Three Plays by Sussex Authors  
August Restoration Piece by Joan Brampton A Graham Phillips
June Sabrina Fair by Samuel Taylor A Graham Phillips
March Miracle at Manassas  
1 to 3 Mar Tons of Money by Evans & Valentine A Graham Phillips
1 to 3 Dec A Woman of No Importance by Oscar Wilde A Graham Phillips
31 Aug to 3 Sep Summer Day’s Dream; J B Priestley  
11 to 16 Jul As You Like It by William Shakespeare Keith Slade & A Graham Phillips
May The Come Back by Parnell Bradbury  
March Right You Are by Luigi Pirandello  
January Ladies For You by Norman Ginsbury A.Graham Phillips
October Merely Players (One Act Plays)  
26 to 28 Aug Winter Sunshine by G A Thomas  
  Many Waters by Monckton Hoffe  
March Mamba by Joan Brampton  
February The Simpleton of the Unexpected Isles by George Bernard Shaw  
October Bottoms Up! by A. Graham Phillips  
27 to 29 Aug And so ad infinitum by The Brothers Capek  
26 to 27 Jun The Merry Wives of Windsor by William Shakespeare  
23 to 25 Apr The gift of Ko Feng by Joan Brampton  
February Two Dozen Red Roses by Kenneth Horne  
December The Day is Gone by W.C. Strode  
23 to 25 Oct Peeps at the Plays - One Act plays  
4 to 6 Sep The Tempest by William Shakespeare  
May Death takes a Holiday by Alberto Casella  
April Robert’s Wife by St John Ervine  
February Deep Water by A. Graham Philips  
January A Trip to Scarborough by R B Sheridan  
  I’ll leave it to you; Noel Coward  
31 Aug & 1 Sep Dear Brutus by J M Barrie  
June The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare  
13 & 14 April Storm in a Paint Pot by Margaret Gibbs  
23 & 24 Feb They walk alone by Max Catto  
5 & 6 Jan To have the honour by A.A.Milne  
27 & 28 Aug Angry Dust by Parnell Bradbury  
29 & 30 Aug Much ado about nothing by William Shakespeare  
12 & 13 May The Sword of Heaven by Eileen Lelliot  
31 Mar & 1 Apr The Constant Wife by Somerset Maugham  
2 & 3 Feb Candida by George Bernard Shaw  
16 & 17 Dec Mr.Pim Passes By by A.A.Milne  
15 & 24 Nov Mixed Doubles by Philip Berry  
28 & 29 Oct The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare  
January Where all roads meet by Parnell Bradbury  
November The Late Mr Laverick by Robert Norwood A. Graham Phillips







The New Venture Theatre is run entirely by its members on a voluntary basis
We do not hire our theatre spaces to external organisations