written & performed by Sarah Davies

directed by Brenda Bishop & David Tutton

This is exciting because this is going to be the first live performance at NVT for over a year! This is very much a work in progress and tickets will be free but extremely limited because of social distancing regulations.
A one—woman clown show. A work (and a title) in progress, this is not a show about Lockdown or Covid or even sheep. In fact, Bag Lady isn’t even a fully-fledged show yet. ‘Tis but a scratch. An airing and sharing of work in development. A device used by theatre makers and stand-ups to test their material in a real space with a live audience.
So, what is clowning? Clowning is joyous, silly, in—the-moment fun. Bag Lady is a simple soul, full of curiosity, and blessed with a daft heart. Come see for yourself. Bag Lady can’t wait to see you!




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