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Here are our productions - 1970 and before


December Christmas Anthology 1970 Patricia Penney & Derek Mason
11 to 17 Nov Man and Boy by Terence Rattigan Ronald Newman
September Cul de Sac by Olive Chase & Stanley Clayton A Graham Phillips
12 to 18 Aug The Odd Couple by Neil Simon Kay Alexander
24 to 30 Jun Love’s Labour’s Lost by William Shakespeare A Graham Phillips
6 to 12 May Waiting for Gillian by Ronald Millar Ronald Newman
18 to 24 Mar The Private Eye and the Public Ear by Peter Shaffer A Graham Phillips
23 Jan to 3 Feb Men without Shadows by Jean Paul Sartre Granville Williams
20 & 21 Dec A Christmas Anthology A Graham Phillips & Pat Penney
10 to 16 Dec Sauce for the Gander by Edward Barton A Graham Phillips
29 Oct to 4 Nov Book of the Month by Basil Thomas Ian Middleton
10 to 16 Sep Love in a Mist by Kenneth Horne  
23 to 29 Jul The Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov | The Killing of Sister George by Frank Marcus | Entertaining Mr Sloane by Joe Orton Kay Alexander & A Graham Phillips
4 to 10 Jun The Noble Spaniard by W Somerset Maugham A Graham Phillips
14 to 15 May The Hollow Crown by John Barton Derek Mason
23 Apr to10 May The Night of the Iguana by Tennessee Williams Granville Williams
5 to 11 Mar The Joyride by Georgina Reid A Graham Phillips
15 to 21 Jan Murder without Crime by J Lee Thompson Ian Middleton
27 Nov to 3 Dec The Verge by Susan Glaspell A Graham Philips
16 to 22 Oct I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith Ronald Newman
4 to 10 Sep Squaring the Circle by Valentine Kataev A Graham Phillips
24 to 30 Jul The Blue Goose by Peter Blackmore A Graham Phillips
12 to 18 Jun Montserrat by Emanuel Robles Ian Middleton
24 to 30 Apr Traveller Without Luggage by Jean Anouilh | Many Tongues in Trees | A day in the Death of Joe Egg by Peter Nichols A Graham Phillips & A Reading
13 to 19 Mar The Irregular Verb to Love by Hugh & Margaret Williams  
31 Jan to 6 Feb Rape of the Belt by Benn W Levy A Graham Phillips
13 to 19 Dec Death takes a Holiday by Alberto Casella Ronald Newman
1 to 7 Nov The Undersigned by Joan Brampton A Graham Phillips
20 to 26 Sep The Corn is Green by Emlyn Williams Granville Williams
10 to 15 Aug The Time of your Life by William Saroyan A Graham Phillips
23 to 27 Jun Candied Peel by Falkland L Cary  
4 to 9 May Joy by John Galsworthy A Graham Phillips
16 to 21 Mar Everything in the Garden by Giles Cooper A Graham Phillips
26 to 31 Jan Escapade by Roger MacDougall  
8 to 13 Dec The Two Gentlemen of Verona by William Shakespeare A Graham Phillips
27 Oct to 1 Nov The Living Room by Graham Greene  
15 to 20 Sep Out Goes He by O Chase & J Pierson A Graham Phillips
4 to 9 Aug Murder Mistaken by Janet Green Ian Middleton
23 to 28 Jun The Offshore Island by Marghanita Laski A Graham Phillips
12 to 17 May The Hawthorn Tree by Margaret Gibbs A Graham Phillips
31 Mar to 5 Apr A Man’s House by John Drinkwater  
17 to 22 Feb The Prisoner by Bridget Boland  
6 to 11 Jan Two Stars for Comfort by John Mortimer  
18 to 23 Nov Getting Married by Bernard Shaw  
7 to 12 Oct We’ll have Music by G Walsh & N Coton  
July The Pinedas Affair by Paolo Levi  
1 to 6 Apr The Big Knife by Clifford Odets | Disorder of the Bath by Osbert Mills | Letter from a General by Maurice McLachlin  
18 to 22 Feb King Henry V by William Shakespeare A Graham Phillips
January Fools Paradise by Peter Coke  
  Windmills in the Street by Neil Grant  
  Lord Arthur Saville’s Crime by Constance Cox  
  The Party by Jane Arden  
  The Government Inspector by Nikolai Gogol  
  Miss Mabel by R C Sherriff  
  A Touch of the Sun by N C Hunter  
  Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare  
January Charley’s Aunt by Brandon Thomas  
  Crime in Store by O Chase & S Clayton  
  Rollo by Marcel Achad  
  Chicago by J Barry Roach  
11 to 16 Jul A Shred of Evidence by R C Sherriff  
May The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare A Graham Phillips
  Object Matrimony by Joan Brampton  
  Object Matrimony by Joan Brampton  
10 to 16 Jan Flowering Cherry by Robert Bolt Kay Alexander
November The Seagull by Anton Chekhov A Graham Phillips
  The Happy Marriage by John Clements  
23 to 28 Aug Last in – First Out by John Leyin  
12 to 17 Jul A Priest in the Family by K Tunnery & J Synge  
  And no Birds Sing by J Laird & J Fernald  
  Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare  
March Triple Bill by Neil Grant A Graham Phillips
January Breath of Spring by Peter Coke  
November Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekov A Graham Phillips
October Lot’s Wife by Peter Blackmore  
24 to 29 Aug The Long Mirror by J B Priestley A Graham Phillips
July Mate in Three by L du Garde Peach Kay Alexander
May Double Jeopardy by O Chase & S Clayton  
April A Resounding Tinkle by NF Simpson | Liberation by N.Holland | The Proposal by Anton Chekhov A Graham Phillips
13 to 18 Apr Dusty Ermine by Neil Grant  
February Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare A Graham Phillips
January Hippo Dancing by Robert Morley  
27 Nov Cupids Antics by A Graham Phillips A Graham Phillips
10 Nov Blind Fury by Parnell Bradbury  
29 Sep Who Lies There? by Philip Johnson A Graham Phillips
August The Gaye Affair by J Barry Roach A Graham Phillips
9 Jun Exit Julian Herrick by Joan Brampton  
May The Beauty Makers by N B Lamont A Graham Phillips
  The Telescope by R C Sherriff A Graham Phillips
  The Man with a load of mischie by Ashley Dukes  
  The Rivals by RB Sheridan A Graham Phillips
  Misery Me by Dennis Cannan  
3 Sep The Well of the Saints by J M Synge A. Graham Phillips
23 Jul The Constant Wife by W. Somerset Maugham A. Graham Phillips
June The Golden Fleece by J B Priestley A. Graham Phillips
16 Apr Touch of Fear by Dorothy C. Christie Kay Alexander
27 Feb The Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen Ronald Newman
9 Jan Tomorrow’s Child by John Coates Ian Middleton
November The Burning Glass by Charles Morgan (This was the first production in the Main Theatre) A Graham Phillips
August Upstairs and Downstairs by Alison Mc Master  
1 to 3 May Crown Derby by Joan Brampton  
February Light of Heart by Emlyn Williams Ronald Newman
January The Dover Road by AA Milne  
October A Winter’s Tale by William Shakespeare A Graham Phillips
September The Evergreens by Margaret Gibbs  
August Deep Water by A Graham Phillips A Graham Phillips
June Judgement Day by Elmer Rice A Graham Phillips & Derek Mason
June He sits by the melting pot by Kaj Munk & Norman Ginsbury  
February She passed Through Lorraine by Lionel Hale  
November The Devil’s Plaything by Parnell Bradbury  
  Three Plays by Sussex Authors  
August Restoration Piece by Joan Brampton A Graham Phillips
June Sabrina Fair by Samuel Taylor A Graham Phillips
March Miracle at Manassas  
1 to 3 Mar Tons of Money by Evans & Valentine A Graham Phillips
1 to 3 Dec A Woman of No Importance by Oscar Wilde A Graham Phillips
31 Aug to 3 Sep Summer Day’s Dream; J B Priestley  
11 to 16 Jul As You Like It by William Shakespeare Keith Slade & A Graham Phillips
May The Come Back by Parnell Bradbury  
March Right You Are by Luigi Pirandello  
January Ladies For You by Norman Ginsbury A.Graham Phillips
October Merely Players (One Act Plays)  
26 to 28 Aug Winter Sunshine by G A Thomas  
  Many Waters by Monckton Hoffe  
March Mamba by Joan Brampton  
February The Simpleton of the Unexpected Isles by George Bernard Shaw  
October Bottoms Up! by A. Graham Phillips  
27 to 29 Aug And so ad infinitum by The Brothers Capek  
26 to 27 Jun The Merry Wives of Windsor by William Shakespeare  
23 to 25 Apr The gift of Ko Feng by Joan Brampton  
February Two Dozen Red Roses by Kenneth Horne  
December The Day is Gone by W.C. Strode  
23 to 25 Oct Peeps at the Plays - One Act plays  
4 to 6 Sep The Tempest by William Shakespeare  
May Death takes a Holiday by Alberto Casella  
April Robert’s Wife by St John Ervine  
February Deep Water by A. Graham Philips  
January A Trip to Scarborough by R B Sheridan  
  I’ll leave it to you; Noel Coward  
31 Aug & 1 Sep Dear Brutus by J M Barrie  
June The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare  
13 & 14 April Storm in a Paint Pot by Margaret Gibbs  
23 & 24 Feb They walk alone by Max Catto  
5 & 6 Jan To have the honour by A.A.Milne  
27 & 28 Aug Angry Dust by Parnell Bradbury  
29 & 30 Aug Much ado about nothing by William Shakespeare  
12 & 13 May The Sword of Heaven by Eileen Lelliot  
31 Mar & 1 Apr The Constant Wife by Somerset Maugham  
2 & 3 Feb Candida by George Bernard Shaw  
16 & 17 Dec Mr.Pim Passes By by A.A.Milne  
15 & 24 Nov Mixed Doubles by Philip Berry  
28 & 29 Oct The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare  
January Where all roads meet by Parnell Bradbury  
November The Late Mr Laverick by Robert Norwood A. Graham Phillips







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