1 to 9 December 2023
In the Theatre Upstairs

Bedroom Farce holding image webBedroom Farce
by Alan Ayckbourn

directed by Katie Brownings

As the title implies, the play is an absurd and confusing farce, comparing and contrasting the differences between couples young and old, and the different troubles they encounter.
Elderly Ernest and Delia in their bedroom. Worrying over son Trevor’s relationship with ‘complex’ wife Susannah. Fish on toast in bed is a comfort.
Nick and Jan’s bedroom. Jan was once ‘destroyer’ Trevor’s girlfriend.
Malcolm and Kate’s bedroom. Tonight it’s a cloakroom for their housewarming party. Trevor arrives. Then wife Susannah. Blazing row. Jan appears. Complications.
Nick and Jan’s. Back at home Jan tells jealous Nick she and Trevor had a mutual snog.
Ernest and Delia’s. Doorbell. It’s crazy daughter-in-law Susannah
Nick and Jan’s. Trevor’s ringing their bell.
Kate and Malcolm’s. Awaiting Trevor’s return to sleep over.
Anything but a typical bedroom farce - though we hear about a range of sexual troubles. Is marriage sustained more by habit than mutual excitement? Or is there a certain blessedness? Ayckbourn’s play is moving, observant and hugely funny.

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This amateur production of “Bedroom Farce” was presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd on behalf of Samuel French Ltd.










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